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DeVCon Solutions LLC is owned by Jack and Addison DeVries. Jack is originally from the dairy industry, and from the Netherlands. Addison was born and raised in the panhandle of Texas and they are the proud parents of Ellie Grace. DeVCon is family operated with multiple family parts of the managament and sales within the company. We started with a goal to be a solution focused construction company. Construction started primarily in the commercial, agricultural, and residential steel building erecting. Now our company offers spray foam chemical for all spray foam needs check out our website for that at We also have great contacts for installers. Just down the road from our offices we have a dirt pit offering pad dirt, fill dirt, topsoil, caliche, and crushed asphalt. DeVCon has in-house electricians to resolve any electrical service work you may need. If you have a construction need, just give us a shout and we should have a solution! 



Wiebe Dijkstra, Sales

Wiebe started with DeVCon in 2022. He comes from the dairy industry and is very knowledgeable in agriculture building. In his short time with us he has crossed that knowledge into residential and commercial building as well. Wiebe came to Texas to support his kids at DeVCon and he sprinkles his wisdom everywhere he goes. 


Liz Rice, Office Manager

Liz started with DeVCon in 2021 as a project manager, bookkeeper, and a moral support providing sister. Now as the company has grown she manages the logistics from the office. Shes handles invoices, ordering, logistics, estimates, and attempts to keep the guys in line. Every now and then she gets to throw in her design opinions which is her favorite part of this industry.


Jacob Ramos, Project Manager

Jacob started with DeVCon in 2022 as our lead project manager. Jacob was a customer and just a few short months after we finished his building we asked him to join the team. He has many years of experience in construction; managing projects like large scale apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and residential homes.


Tyler Traves, Electrical Manager

Tyler started with DeVCon in 2021 as our head electrician. DeVCon's electrical need on jobs was growing quickly so we brought Tyler on to start our electrical division. As a result we have a crew solely dedicated to our steel building projects and a master electrician dedicated to service work. 


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